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Iran's living map

"Iran Mozaik Project" is a dynamic web project showing the current face of Iran according to the situation of the popular protest since June 2009 and the videos we receive through Youtube.
As long as the struggle continues and courageous "citizen journalists" continue to send videos this map will continue to live.
This map will be different each time you will visit after major events. Thus the Iran of Ashura 2009 is different from the Iran of 22 Bahman 2009 and so on.

I hope one day it will freeze forever, not because we won't receive any image from Iran, but because the struggle of the people of Iran will be over and victorious!

Since June 12, 2009, an entire nation has been in struggle. The voice of a great majority of Iranians was stolen during what is now largely seen as a rigged presidential election. The life of the whole popular democratic movement is now at stake. And the way the authorities have decided to deal with this issue, that means turning a deaf ear to protests, brutal repression of peaceful demonstrators and imposing a blackout on media and journalists, all show that the struggle is far from being over and popular miscontent is becoming even wider.


This video art creation is dedicated both to Iran's popular and democratic movement, and also particularly to all those anonymous "Reporter Citizens" who courageously circulate vital news from within the country, from places where professional media are barred from.
This project is also aimed at keeping the awareness of other peoples in the world high on Iran's continuous developments.

The Mosaic could well be the perfect geometric and artisitic shape to represent the Iranian realities. Being present in all areas of creation going from architecture and tapestry to less perceivable art forms such as persian classical music and poetry, the mosaic is also the image of Iran's demographic and ethnic composition.

« Iran Mozaik Project » is a video creation using two basic elements :
- Iran's geographical map silhouette
- Images that anonymous citizens shoot with their cell phones and continuously send via internet to youtube and other social networks.

All those short news clips have widely been used by the world media and TV channels, as mostly the sole source of information. Almost all foreign journalists were expelled from Iran at the end of the first week of protests (June 19).
The great number of these videos and the form of the mosaic are meant to represent the diversity and complexity of the situation in Iran, but even more they are a committed message against the blinkered thinking that the regime tries to impose to its citizens.

This creation is also a "living" art work, and is constantly changing, not only because of the motion of each video but also because it changes with the flux of new incoming videos. It is alive as long as the struggle keeps going on.

This installation has alreay been displayed in two prestigious locations in Paris, under the patronage of the Mayor of Paris and the city hall.

On June 26, in front of the Eiffel Tower, on the Trocadero court of Human Rights, during a wake to the memory of the victims of recent repressions in Iran.

Hotel de Ville Square, July 8, 2009.

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The Mayor of Paris, Mr. Bertrand Delanoë officially inaugurated the art video "Iran Mozaik" during a ceremony of support to the Iranian people and the "Independent Committee Against the Repression of Iranian Citizens".

Libération 8 juillet 2009
French daily "Libération", 08/07/09: "Mosaïque Iranienne, création vidéo faite à partir d'images prises par des manifestants, diffusée aujourd'hui à l'Hôtel de Ville de Paris."

("Iranian Mosaic, a video creation made from images shot by demonstrators, will be aired today at Paris Hotel de Ville.")

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From all aspects, the larger is the screen, the better would be the impact on viewers.

The extent of environing light will determine what system to use:

- In a rather dark environment (late evening and night; or a covered space) a very strong HD projector (3000 > 5000 lumens) is recommended.

- In a rather bright environment (exterior day time) a daylight screen or a large LCD (no smaller than 50") screen is recommended.

The video can be supplied as a file or a DVD for the screenings.

For any other consideration please contact us.

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